Wednesday, July 11, 2012

QuatreCoeur on Pinterest

I have to admit that I am a not a social media person by nature. Or a computer person. Once a co-worker of mine called me " the least media savvy person EVER". I am happy that since starting QuatreCoeur, I was forced to break out of my comfort zone and use Facebook, Twitter, etc to tell our story.  And since starting a Pinterest board for QuatreCoeur, I have really become addicted!

 When I noticed that most of our brides were sending me links to their wedding pin boards, I knew it was time to know..for the business...and now that I have crossed over the dark side, I find that it's not only useful for organizing the many images I had strewn all over my desktop.

 It is also somewhat meditative to stop for a moment now and then and mark the things that are inspiring and beautiful. While most of the boards are devoted to weddings, I have also begun art, fashion and other boards.

Hope you will stop by and follow us soon!

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