Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hugo Boss

A few months ago, Ruth and I spent a day in the Meatpacking District giving-away bouquets for Hugo Boss as a part of the W Magazine Shop W Style day. Our arrangements were on display throughout the store, and we were in front, with a table styled as a mini flower market. We just received these pictures from a staff reporter at W Magazine and wanted to share!

We met tons of beautiful and wonderfully dressed people, including Sarah Gore Reeves (see picture #2). The woman in picture #4 is also a famous stylist.....but I can't remember her name.....does anyone know who she is?

If you want to see more pictures from the day, click here.

** all photos courtesy of W Magazine Staff Reporter.


Merci New York said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, and more gorgeous! we had just posted a story on faux flower markets, wish I had seen this beforehand - it is absolutely exquisite!

dognbird said...

So wonderful to see. The displays are great, you two do incredible work!

baboinbrooklyn said...

Sooo nice! The lady's name is Rebecca Weinberg and she was the assistant stylist on the SATC series for years!