Monday, August 2, 2010

The Art of Flower Arrangement

I always appreciate a good book, but this time I believe I have found something really special: The Rockwells' New Complete Book of Flower Arrangement.

On the inside cover is the name of the previous owner (Mrs. Albert W. O'Neill) along with the name of her garden club (Ten Hills Garden Club) and the date, (April 1, 1960).

In the first chapter, my favorite part is:
"Whether or not the acquisition of interesting containers become a real hobby, you are sure to get a thrill out of hunting up and procuring a few of them....If hubby happens to have the "do-it-yourself" malady, he may like to turn out some original containers, bases, or accessories for you. This naturally, may have its dangerous aspects. You alone can judge as to this possibility."

I can't wait to read chapter 2.

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