Friday, April 9, 2010

Bows And Arrows: Expect the Unexpected ...

Bows and Arrows is a must read blog created by Alicia and Adam Rico. After their unforgettable wedding, (which was posted in Brooklyn Bride) they relocated from New York to Alicia's hometown: Dallas, Texas. Once there, they immediately got to work on their dream shop. Bows and Arrows is a fun and discerning mix of Art, Floral Design and Craft. I always find something fresh and interesting here.

Adam's self portrait, being viewed at their group show " (SOUTH) south". His paintings are amazing.

Alicia's sculpture, titled "Debutant".

Some of my favorite flowers in this bouquet: Anemones!

Alicia's jewelry. Barbie shoes are often involved.

Yummy corsage. I also love it as a photograph alone.

Check them out!

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Kim @ Inspired Goodness said...

I saw their wedding on BB and love, love, loved! So amazing!!