Saturday, February 4, 2012

Decorating Your Event With Candlelight

After seeing so many events come together, I can honestly say there is no easier and more effective way to create ambiance, highlight your centerpieces and add drama  than by adding more candles...

Occasionally, a client of ours comes to us with visions of adding tons of candlelight to their decor. But I often feel it is an afterthought for most.  I'm not talking about three little votives around a vase arrangement. My advise; imagine of the number of candles you think is appropriate and double or triple that! This is way less expensive than adding on a lighting designer or pin spotting and its so much more romantic.

 If your budget is tight, then taking inexpensive glass cylinder vases and adding pillar candles or floating candles is the least expensive option. But there is nothing "cheap" or "budget" looking about the effects. I think the images here say it all. Cluster grouping of cylinder vases at different heights down your aisle, entry-way, on windows, bars, and seating card tables.

On the dinner tables, even adding a few decorative candles to what the venue or caterer is providing will give your table a more custom look and ambient light.

If you have a larger budget, then there are so many styles to choose from. If you love classic and traditional styles then look for candelabras, pedestal candle holders, mercury glass and anything with clean lines. If vintage, rustic or garden speaks to you; look for tarnished metal and rust finishes and unique displays. There are many new wire, and birdcage-like style lanterns and votives popping up everywhere.

Lastly; I predict the taper candle is going to make a comeback for 2012. And it should! They are so elegant; especially when they start dripping down the sides. They take up less room and can even be slipped into skinny hurricanes if your venue doesn't allow open flames.

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jaylen watkins said...

Candle light decoration of an event surely makes the environment exiting.

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