Thursday, February 16, 2012

Flowers for Georgetown Cupcake SoHo Opening

Last week, the ladies of DC Cupcake fame opened their Soho store. We created fun, pink floral sculptures and arrangements for their grand opening celebration.

When we arrived, there was a flurry of exciting activity as carpenters, party planners and catering teams put their finishing touches on the store; making everything ready for the party and the customers. A camera crew filmed us all getting ready.

I snapped a few of these pics while placing the flowers. I love the one of Katherine decorating the cupcakes. Don't they look great?!

For the flowers, we made several pink arrangements with anemones, orchids, garden roses and Japanese carnations. The window arrangement was a display of manzanita branches strung with pouffy pink balls of carnations and orchids. The flowers were a perfect match for the girly, fun vibe of the store and we were honored to play a role in the opening festivities.

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